Monsterpocalypse Blog

Privateer Press sent a recent e-mail about their upcoming game Monsterpocalypse.  Everyone who signed up for Monsterpocalypse news should have received the e-mail.  It contained some exciting news about a new blog devoted to the game.

Below you can see the entire e-mail they sent.  It is quite interesting.


Psst! Hey you! Yes, you!

Here’s some Monsterpocalypse™ news just for subscribers to the Monster Watch



Industry veteran Erik Yaple, our new head of Monsterpocalypse development,

has started a blog to give you an insider’s look at the development of the

CMG.  You can find it at:


He’s kicking things off with a little background on his own bad self, and

sharing the exciting details of the game already in development. Here’s a



“One of the aspects of the game that really surprised me was the ‘power

attacks’. These special moves allow you to address your opponent’s models in

a plethora of unique ways. You can throw your opponent’s monster through

buildings and into vats of radioactive material or knock buildings over onto

your opponent’s models to crush them. While power attacks are the cherry on

top of the ice cream sundae of awesomeness that is Monsterpocalypse…”


In the days and weeks to come Erik will be bringing you the inside scoop on

the development of the game.  Tell your friends you heard about it here

first, and that they can sign up for the Monster Watch Newsletter too at


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