Inside White Dwarf #340 May 2008

Wondering if the new WD is worth purchasing? The table of contents below tells you what issue #340 covers. There’s plenty of Daemons with some painting tips and a dash of Lord of the Rings.

This month has 119 pages of Games Workshop goodness to feast your eyes on. Use the below table of contents and Quick Picks, in an upcoming post, to guide your visual appetite.

Title: White Dwarf 340 Date: May 2008 Cost: $6

  • Design Notes: Scions of the Dark Gods p. 14 “Andy Hall chats to those insane enough to unleash the hellish servants of the Chaos Gods onto the world.'”
  • Glory and Chaos p. 32 “Mat Ward presents a mini-campaign following a Daemon force as it rampages across the Old World.”
  • Battle Report: Last Stand at Locrus p. 46 “Alessio Cavatore and Jervis Johnson duke it out across the blasted wastes of Locrus.”
  • New Releases p. 2 “The latest releases from the Citadel forges.”
  • News p. 10 “Something big is coming…”
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Enemy of My Enemy, Pt 2 p. 66 “This time we look at how Evil races work together.”
  • Standard Bearer p. 75 “Jervis and his long-standing Space Marine army.”
  • Toolbox p. 78 “We put the new Hobby Drill through its paces.”
  • Painting Masters: Dave Thomas p. 79 “We talk to Dave about his world-class figures.”
  • Born Into Blood p. 84 “Gav Thorpe designs a characterful Undead army.”
  • ‘Eavy Metal Masterclass: Count Mannfred p. 92 “Neil Green paints up the befanged Count.”
  • Frontline p. 100 “The latest events and activities near you!”
  • Ordering Direct p. 114 “Fast, secure mail orders straight to your door.”