Inside No Quarter #18 May 2008

Wondering if the new No Quarter is worth purchasing? The table of contents below tells you what issue #18 covers. There’s great Legends coverage plus tons of modeling articles.

Over 90 pages of Privateer Press goodness all for just $5.99.  It is nice to see more Monsterpocalypse coverage.  We are very excited about that game.

  • Fire in the Hole p. 2 “Letter from the Editor-in-Chief.”
  • Bosun’s Call p. 4 “Letters to the Editor and general shenanigans.”
  • News From the Front p. 5 “Events and important news from around the world.”
  • New Releases p. 7 “The latest Privateer Press products for May and June.”
  • Portents of the Divine p. 14 “A glimpse of the divine hints at looming danger in this new IK fiction.”
  • Legends on the Charge p. 26 “A preview of Warmachine: Legends Dragoons and Mercenaries.”
  • The Gamers’ Journal: Studio Showdown, Part 2 p. 47 “The Studio crew bolster their armies to 500 points of focus and fury.”
  • Modeling & Painting: Painting High Exemplar Gravus p. 52 “Have horse, will travel.  See how to paint this Protectorate dragoon.”
  • Modeling & Painting: Speed Painting Nephilim p. 55 Tips and tricks for getting your army painted fast, fast, fast!”
  • Painting Challenge: Alternate Sculpt Challenge p. 57 “Do things a little different using only alternate sculpts of the models.”
  • Secrets of the Wild: Soul of a Soldier p. 58 “There’s a good reason why the Skorne control half the continent.”
  • The Gavyn Kyle Files: Lich Lord Asphyxious p. 66 “Servant of Toruk, Iron Lich Asphyxious comes to (un)dead life.”
  • Summer Rampage p. 70 “It’s meat versus metal again with a look at the 2008 Summer Rampage.”
  • The Pendrake Encoutners: The Slag Troll p. 72 “Have a run in with a troll that gets a LOT of iron in its diet.”
  • Monsterpocalypse: Agendas and Factions, Part 2 p. 76 A look at two Monsterpocalypse factions on the more sinister side.”
  • Guts and Gears: The Destroyer p. 78 “Its back to basics with this classic Khadoran warjack.”
  • Independent Retailers p. 84 “A worldwide list of retailers that carry Privateer Press products.”
  • Parts Bin p. 91 “A look at individual parts available in the Privateer Press Store.”
  • Drawn & Quartered / Player Gallery p. 93 “IK inspired comic and some of the best fan-based paint jobs around.”