FREE Nine Inch Nails Album The Slip

Raven\'s AvatarThis is not exactly gaming news but it is news for gamers so it belongs here.  If you’ve been living under a pile of dice you are one of the few people oblivious to this news.  The Nine Inch Nails have released a new album to thank their fans for their loyalty and devotion.

The album is titled The Slip and it is a great album.  What makes this album extra special is it is FREE.  You saw correctly.  The album is 210% F-R-E-E.  It is available, for FREE yes I love saying that, online for download.  They provide a bunch of versions but rather than make you go all over the place we have made a lossless version of it available here.

How can we legally do this?  NIN released the album under a Creative Commons License and told downloaders to edit, revise, share, distribute, and blog the album any way they please.  They gave us free reign and I am taking the bull by the horns and giving the album to YOU.

Go to Nine Inch Nails FREE Album to download it for yourself.  You have two choices to make when you get there.  You can download the zipped version, great for those on dialup, and then unzip it after it downloads.  Or, you can pick what songs you want to download from this list.  Either way you can’t lose.

All tracks, and there are 10 songs, are in m4a file format.  This is a lossless (meaning it sounds as good, if not better than, as CD quality) file type that plays on iPods, in iTunes, on Macs, and on Windows machines.  They will work on Windows XP and Windows Vista and should work on all other mp3 players.

Download the album, put it on your iPod, and listen to it while you game and while you paint and while you say how happy you are that NIN released a FREE album.  You can also listen to it while you say how much you love the CWF Game Cast.  Who loves you?  Who loves you baby!