Monsterpocalypse Comic Releases Fall 2008

Raven\'s AvatarPrivateer Press has issued a press release about their upcoming comic miniseries focusing on Monsterpocalypse.  It is reprinted below.

Privateer Press and Across the Pond Studios have teamed up to create a new comic miniseries, published by Desperado, introducing the world of giant monsters from Privateer Press’ upcoming Monsterpocalypse Collectible Miniatures Game (CMG).

Across the Pond Studios is working closely with the game designer and creator of Monsterpocalypse Matt Wilson to bring the world of the game to life on the comic page. In addition to creative direction from Matt Wilson, the series credits include story by Stephan Nilson (Smallville and Batman Strikes), script by Jason Avery and Stephan Nilson, pencils by Karl Waller (X-Men and Motorhead), inks by Rick Bonilla (Atomik Mike), coloring by Barry Williams (Atomik Mike), and cover art supplied by the Privateer Press stable of artists. 

This is a great way to reach out to comic fans in addition to gamers thereby expanding the game’s base.  PP is further expanding on this in two ways.  First, people who collect issues 1-3 of the comic will be able to get a FREE Limited Edition Mega Sky Sentinel.  This method has been used by PP before in conjunction with No Quarter Magazine and Warmachine (limited edition Eiryss).

Secondly, anyone who goes to the San Diego Comicon in July can get a FREE issue #0 of the comic at the Privateer Press booth.