The Warstore Newsletter Issue 2 May 2008


Raven\'s AvatarTheWarstore, that great discount online store, has just published the 2nd issue of their newsletter for May 2008.  It has a lot of great stuff inside and we’ve reproduced it below for your enjoyment.  Please send an e-mail to to find out how to subscribe.  It is worth the effort. 



New Confrontation / AT-43

Brand New at TheWarStore are the new Wulfen, and Karman Models. Just released are the Wolfen Army book, Throne of Stars, and Wolfen Hunters. Also new are the Griffons Spearmen & Spearmen attachment boxes, and the Lions faction cards.  Bring home the Monkeys and the Wulfen today!

# Pre-Orders


40K & Fantasy Daemons

Shipping this week are the following Daemons; Plague bearers of Nugle and Plaguebearers Command, Pink Horrors, Flamers, and Screamers of Tzeentch, 40k Soulgrinder, all four Greater Daemons of Chaos, Bloodcrusher of Khorne, and Nurlgings.  There are also more releases the week of May 19th.  Check the advanced orders page link below to see all the new stuff. 

# Advanced Orders Info



Bits on Sprue and GW Pewter Figures

Brand new at TheWarStore / BWBits are bits on sprue and single pewter figures.  Now you can get great deals on whole sprues, and single pewter figures (such as Exarchs, Seperate Veteran Figs etc).  Check out all we have available by clicking on the links below.  Hopefully this is the beginning of more great offerings from TheWarStore / BWBits.    

# Bits on Sprue

# GW Pewter Figures


What is New with Neal?

My job is keeping everyone else busy around here, plus expanding the store offerings and making the website work and look even better.  This is what I am working on right now:

#New logo banner is up, some changes to the checkout screen.  Mostly cosmetic.

#I’m still working on the Wishlist feature – I am not happy with how complicated it is in its current state.  Sorry for the delay on this.

#Major Update to the ABG section of the site

#Zvezda plastic coming soon, and an expansion of the Testor’s line is being considered..

#Loads of pics added to Foundry pages

#Reaper update completed.

#Wyrd Miniatures section update

I’m Out!



TheWarStore Outakes

Things heard in the course of the day.  

You just can’t make this stuff up folks…


BHCSR*:  Customer wants knight with male armor

ME:  (Oh boy here we go)

BHCSR*:  Do we have knights with female armor?

ME:  (Shaking head) No, no, no it is mail armor.  MAIL, M – A – I – L

BHCSR*:  Really?  I didn’t know they had a post office back then…

*One of our Blond Haired Customer Service Representatives


Turnover Corner-

We receive orders for regular items like Games Workshop, Privateer Press, Gale Force 9, Reaper etc… every day.  Below is information on product lines we order and receive more intermittently, so you can plan your orders accordingly.


New Orders for Next Week

Get your pre-orders in now for these items!

# Covus Belli

# Infinity

# Pig Iron


Important Restocks This Week

We just got fresh shipments from the following manufacturers: 

# Wargamger Foundry

# Black Scorpion (5/10)

# Miniature Scenery Australia

# Freebooter Miniatures


Restocks Expected Next Week

These manufactures will be restocked next week. 

# Urban Mammoth

# Perry Brothers


Most Recent Website Pages Added

Checkout these new pages on

# Wargame Figure Backpacks

# Subpages under Wyrd Miniatures

# Subpages under Rezolution 2175AD


News from the Front

This will be the spot where  The WarStore staff will contribute a weekly column on various topics.  Hopefully most of it will make sense, and we will all learn something from it.  This week’s contributor it the Don of WarStore Gaming, Mr Dwyer.

I’d Like to Buy a Vowel

As TheWarStore grows and shelves bulge with more and more product, we the friendly WarStore staff find that we are interested in playing a greater variety of games. This may not sound like a dilemma to most sane people, but for us the indecisive gamer, we can never seem to decide on a game to play. For instance I love both Warmachine and Hordes but have not played either in quite some time. (Frowny Face)

 So to help us with our little dilemma we decided to leave our gaming choices to fate, and are constructing a wheel of fortune. Similar to the “Wheel of Morality” from the Animaniacs that helped determine what lesson they should teach their viewers, this wheel help us with the difficult decision of what game to play.

 So starting this Monday at lunch we will spin “The Wheel of Gamer Fate” and that spin will let us know what games will be played that week. We have hopes that this innovation will put a end to the most dreaded conversation of “What are we playing this week?”

All is now clear on TheWarStore front …