Black Gobbo 115 Available

The new Black Gobbo issue 115 is now available. It has daemons, daemons, and more daemons. This issue is a must read for daemonic cultists. Check it out at Black Gobbo E-zine 115.

Issue #115 is decent but too heavy on the daemons. It appears to have an error with the Masque of Slaanesh but that isn’t it.  The first is for 40k and the second is for Fantasy.  It would’ve been nice, however, if they did an article on Masque of Slaanesh and another on a different Chaos God to mix it up.  Can you spot the real error?  If not I reveal it below.

That said the 40k and Fantasy Army Lists are the highlights of this Black Gobbo.  The Masque of Slaanesh is a nice peek but nothing special.

All in all Black Gobbo 115 is mediocre at best and subpar when compared to some great past issues. I think it is worth 2.5 stars and necessary for Daemon players.

Waiting for that error to be revealed?  Clicking the pictures will take you to the corresponding article.  But, clicking the picture for the 40k Daemon List will take you to the 40k Masque of Slaanesh article.  Tsk tsk tsk Black Gobbo team you made an error.  Thankfully it is an easy problem to fix.  Hopefully they read this blog so they know what to mend.