Spore Creature Creator Video

On Sunday I picked up a new game, the Spore Creature Creator, in anticipation of the September ’08 release of the full Spore game.  Spore is another Maxis title and Will Wright has been touting this for ages.  I figured that the $9.99 price tag, at Best Buy, was worth the expenditure.

When I came home I noticed the game is suitable for Windows XP and Mac OS X, which made me very happy.  I installed the game on my Windows partition and after 5 minutes I was ready to go.  I made a few creatures but only took video of one of them.  The game features an integrated video capture system that allows you to capture, save and publish video (to Youtube).

Testing out all the features was quite fun and I still have many more hours of playtesting to do.  So far, it is looking good.  Please check out the video below, linked from my Youtube account, to see my latest creature showing off.  He…er She…er It dances, jumps, is happy, erupts in a mating call, and has a great time with three baby creatures.