CWF-2008-4-10 News, Server Move Complete, Getting Out of Axis & Allies Minis, and Musical Guest Black Crowes

Episode 36 with Jonathan as your host discussing News, Server Move Complete, Getting Out of Axis & Allies Minis, and musical guest Black Crowes.

Show Length: 43:26

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00:00 Theme, Zombie by Devin Anderson (Electronic)

02:16 News

02:21 Event Countdowns @ CWF

War @ Sea at Battleground Games on Wednesdays

‘Ard Boyz Tournaments for 40k

Havoc XXIV in 14 Days

Total Confusion XXII Presents All Day Boardgaming at Rising Phoenix Games in Leicester on April 19th

7:02 Battlegrounds Special Offers

D&D 4th Edition Offer – Pre-order & pre-pay all 3 core books and be entered to win a free case of D&D minis.

Battleground d20 20% Off Coupon

8:53 Music to Game By Check Out “Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution” by Black Crowes

14:06 Server Move Complete/New Changes

Server Move Complete

25:20 New England Podcasters Promo

26:09 Getting Out of Axis & Allies Minis

Getting Out of Axis & Allies Minis = Cheap Models

Axis & Allies Minis Articles

32:07 Inside No Quarter #17 March 08

Inside No Quarter #17

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41:29 Next cast will be Wednesday April 10, 2008

42:52 Exit Theme, Pop Science by Devin Anderson (Electronic)