War at Sea: Task Force Official Set List

I am pleased to share the War at Sea Task Force (Set 2) set list with all of you.  It comes to me courtesy of Extended_Range over at Axis & Allies foruMINI with much credit going to that forum for being a great community to discuss War at Sea.

I have also confirmed the set list with the two cases of miniatures I have purchased.  Remember that Task Force officially goes on sale this Friday.  If you haven’t pre-ordered boosters it may not be too late to pick some up at your local gaming store.

Without further adieu here is the set list as shared by Extended_Range.

1.HMAS Arunta C

2.HMCS Haida C

3.Casabianca C

4.Dunkerque R

5. Jean Bart R

6. Hr. Ms. De Ruyter UC

7. Hr. Ms. Van Galen C

8. Hr. Ms. Zvaardvisch C

9. Barracuda Mk. II C

10. Halifax GR Mk. V UC

11. HMS Fencer UC

12. HMS Illustrious R

13. HMS Jamaica UC

14. HMS Kent R

15. HMS King George V R

16. HMS Warsprite R

17. Beaufighter TF Mk. X UC

18. B-25H Mitchell UC

19. F6F-3 Hellcat C

20. TBF Avenger C

21. USS Archerfish (SS 311) C

22. USS California (BB 44) R

23. USS Cleveland (CL 55) UC

24. USS Hoel (DD 533) C

25. USS John C. Butler (DE 339) C

26. USS Laffey (DD 724) C

27. USS Massachusetts (BB 59) R

28. USS Missouri (BB 63) R

29. USS San Francisco (CA 38) R

30. USS Yorktown (CV 5) R

31. USS Saratoga (CV 3) R

32. Admiral Hipper R

33. Admiral Scheer R

34. Bf 109 C

35. Graf Zepplin R

36. Karlsruhe UC

37. S-Boat C

38. Tirpitz R

39. U-66 C

40. Z18 Hans Ludemann C

41. C.202 Folgore C

42. Eugenio Di Savoia UC

43. Giulio Cesare R

44. Ju-87 R2 Picchiatelli C

45. Littorio R

46. SM.79 Sparviero UC

47. Ugolino Vivaldi C

48. Zara R

49. A6M2 Zero Kamikaze C

50. Akitsuki C

51. D4YI “Judy” C

52. H8KI Type 2 “Emily” UC

53. Haruna R

54. I-26 C

55. Isokaze C

56. Musashi R

57. Nachi R

58. Yahagi UC

59. Yamashiro R

60. Zuikaku R