Combat Storm Free Download Terrain Building Pack 2

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Back in January we shared information on a new FREE building pack for Combat Storm. We even shared a video tutorial, crafted by Dave Reiter, to show you how to construct the buildings in the pack.

Today I received another e-mail from Dave Reiter, one of the geniuses at Strategy Wave Studios that makes the game, about a new FREE download. You heard that correctly. Combat Storm players and would be players can download the free building pack. This pack lets you make one middle eastern building and two dumpsters crafted in four colors. Print it out a bunch of times and you have a small town.

Before you download the building pack be sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader as the pack is a pdf file. You can get Acrobat Reader, for FREE, at Adobe Acrobat Reader. I have version 8.1.1 for Mac OS X Leopard and the building pack shows perfectly!

Combat Storm Middle Eastern Building with Dumpsters Combat Storm Building Pack 2 Layout

According to Dave 

In future news, we also have artists currently working on some more new papercraft buildings, as well as some papercraft cars and trucks. I think you guys will really enjoy the vehicles as they really add so much to the battlefield both visually and strategically. Vehicles offer good cover for your squads and really bring street fighting to a whole new level.

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