New Blog Layout: i3Theme 1.6 Classic (Center Edition)

For almost two years now we’ve been using the same old setup.  All the major content is at the left and all the sidebars are on the right.  We’ve used one sidebar, two sidebars, one sidebar, and finally two sidebars.

After two years change has spread to the CWF Game Cast.  We have adopted the i3Theme 1.6 Classic (Center Edition) as our new official, shiny, and aesthetic layout.  The theme bares an uncanny resemblance to our previous layout, the i3Theme 1.6 Classic (Right Edition), with one major change.  We now feature a left and a right sidebar with the main content in the center.

This is a layout comfortable and familiar to most users and is one of the most requested changes by visitors.  This past July we celebrated our 3rd birthday, under the blog setup, without fanfare.  Changing layouts is a birthday gift from us to all of you.

We believe you fill find the blog more intuitive to use than ever before.  Despite the change you should still fill at home.  We kept as much as possible in the same place and working the same way as before.  You can still rate articles at the top of articles.  You can still find related content at the bottom of a post.  You can still leave comments the way you used to.

This, we hope, will herald some new advances in functionality.  We are unhappy with WordPress’ so called improvements to adding media into posts.  The gallery merely creates a jumbled version of pictures as evidenced by our War at Sea Task Force Picture Gallery (don’t open unless you have broadband).  We like what we see at Battlestar Last Supper ‘Mind’ Photo on my friend’s blog.  Click the picture in that blog post and you’ll see what we mean.  He’s using a plugin called Lightbox to get that to happen.  The official Monsterpocalypse website has a similar setup that we enjoy.  As does the blog of WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg and to our knowledge he’s only using the basic gallery setup from WP 2.5.

Some old friends have been removed and some will hopefully return.  Upgrading to WP 2.5 caused a lot of problems and we removed some features to maintain functionality.  One such feature is WP-Polls, which we hope to return in the not too distant future.

In the meantime we’re continuing to provide you with the best gaming content we can.  We’ve been spending a lot of time on War at Sea and its new release Task Force.  Coming around the bend in the beginning of 2009 is Monsterpocalypse.  Plus, there’s always a slew of 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, and board gaming news.