Free Tibet 2008 Protest at Chinese Consulate NYC

Free Tibet NOW!

I try to maintain the focus on gaming at the blog.  After all that’s why you come here.  You want to see the latest sneak peeks, the rumors, thoughts on game play, and of course the pictures.  But, every now and then I have to diverge from gaming to issues of greater importance.

Originally I intended to write an article about White Dwarf 343 aka the August 2008 issue.  But, while checking my e-mail I noticed an article on Slashdot concerning Google pulling a video of a peaceful protest in NYC outside the Chinese consulate.  The protestors are student members of Free Tibet.  I found the video on Vimeo and decided to share it with all of you.  Free Tibet, like First Books, is a cause I deeply believe in.  Nobody is perfect but the Chinese occupation of Tibet is unlawful, immoral, and outrageous.  A free and secure Tibet is a long time coming and it needs to happen…now.

Before watching the video I need to warn you that some of the images are graphic.  There are images of battered and bloody Tibetan monks.  The images show Chinese governmental treatment of Tibetans and it uses the Olympic logo to shed light on the issue.

This has nothing to do with gaming.  Sure I could stretch it to link the Olympics to gaming but not everything in life revolves around gaming.  There are more important issues at hand.

Watch the video.  Then visit and learn how you can help out.