GenCon 2008 Report Part 2

Today is the first day back for most if not all of the attendees at GenCon Indianapolis 2008 from Battleground Games in Abington.  The owner of the store, Derek, has been posting intermittent reports on their message board about GenCon and we’re sharing his final one with all of you.

Fear not for there will be one more GenCon 2008 Report to come.  It will be a summary of GenCon with pros and cons by Battleground Games attendee Chase.  Look for it soon.


We have safely returned from GENCON.

As it turns out, our group progressed to the final round of the D&D Open. Unfortunately, we were thwarted in the last leg of the competition pretty much due to the fact that our DM was exceptionally slow. On average, it took him 10 minutes of game time to determine the order people should go in initiative each time an encounter began. Essentially, we lost close to half an hour of a four hour timed game to the collecting and sorting of initiative cards. To add, this was just one of many slow downs caused by our DM. Oh well. Glory must wait for another year.

I posted the video of Chase’s exchange with the R&D staff of D&D 4th edition on Youtube. You can view it here (he asks the second question in the video):

Overall, it was a really good show. The exhibit hall was a little underwhelming in comparison to years past, but I think that might be because 4th edition D&D is so new and the industry is sort of in a state of flux. I was able to find and purchase a large Dalek action figure, complete with plunger appendages – so that, at least, was a major success.

Declan Lynch, one of our Tuesday night D&D Miniatures players, came in 5th place in the D&D Miniatures Championship Tournament. Congratulations Declan! That tournament is tough to even qualify for, let alone come in 5th in the world!

There were lots of funny stories/moments that I’m sure you’ll overhear me chatting about at the store so I’ll just wait to tell you those in person Smiley

Good to be back!