GenCon 2008 Report Part 3

This is our final GenCon 2008 Report.  It is an overview of the con with positives and negatives according to attendee Chase.

We will be returning to other gaming topics soon such as confirmed releases for Set 4 of War at Sea and a splash of 40k.  Lots of great games happening and GenCon is the impetus for much of that.  

Hope you enjoy this final installment of GenCon 2008 Report.

Gencon 2008 was a really good time overall.  The Con itself was a really positive experience.  Personally, I lucked out and got some great DM’s running the games I played.

My favorite events were:  The Dungeon Crawl Classics tournament, the Living Forgotten Realms 8 hour Special Event, and True Dungeon (as usual).

Pleasant Surprises:  the DCC event, good RPGA DM’s, Elmanster the Invincible (my Elf Cleric made 100% of win), Heidi, my question to the R&D guys not sounding completely retarded.

Disappointments:  2.5 hour skill challenges, < 4 or 5 hours of sleep 6 days in a row, Elmanster not ascending to godhood at level 3, the dealer room.

The dealer room really was lack luster.  I spent maybe an hour in there over the 4 days.  The Paizo booth, the Upper Deck booth, and the Privateer booth were the most busy (and best).  WotC didn’t have anything to special going on other than a 17th level Dungeon Delve… but the lines at all booths were to long to wait in.

Pro Tip:  Never, ever drive to Gencon.  It’s pretty much the definition of hell on earth.  I’ve made plenty of mistakes in 2008, but this might be one of the worst.