Privateer Press Purposefully Understocks Metal Miniatures

Raven's Avatar
I was just made aware that distributors, in particular ACD and Alliance, of Privateer Press products, in particular Warmachine and Hordes, have been unable to supply desired models to game stores. This has lasted almost a month for some area game stores, which prompted curiosity. Why couldn’t the distributors send the product and who is to blame?

It turns out the fault rests at Privateer Press’ feet. They are reluctant to stock their metal miniatures in their warehouse. They are keeping stock levels between 0 and extremely low according to one local business owner. When demand exists for a model PP then uses their molds to cast the figure in sufficient quantities to cover, but not exceed, that demand.

This has resulted in distributors being unable to regularly stock those models and in turn being unable to provide those models to the retailers to sell to their customers. While this is a fine, albeit unacceptable, explanation it does not say why this is happening.

To answer that question we must again look to Privateer Press. Ever since they have released plastic sculpts they have been resistant to provide metal miniatures. They much rather wait until those metal models have plastic versions. In the process they’re bound to anger and, likely, lose some gamers. Is this badwill worth the limited fiscal savings they might reap? It seems so.

Unless Privateer Press places customer satisfaction first and actually provides sufficient quantities of these metal models it looks like gamers must be prepared to wait 8-10 weeks for distributors, such as ACD, to be allowed to restock the desired pieces.

How very disappointing.