Help Wanted: Looking for Axis & Allies Minis & Flames of War Bloggers

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I am looking for some help with the blog. I am trying to branch out into Flames of War and Axis & Allies Minis (the land game). I can provide general coverage for both games but only know War at Sea in depth. I need dedicated and knowledgeable person(s) who are familiar enough with Axis & Allies Minis and/or Flames of War to write about them. Some desired topics to cover are tips, tricks, hints, sneak peeks, reviews, new products, and army composition.

Are you interested in Flames of War or Axis & Allies Minis? Do you like to write? If so please let me know. I’d love to have your help.


Knowledge of the game system (FoW or AAM, both is a plus)
WordPress Knowledge a Plus but NOT required (for uploading pictures, posting the posts)

Please contact if you are interested. Writing samples are not required but a plus.