Podcasting Archive

With the reboot, to use a much bandied Hollywood term, of the podcast firmly in place more and more people are subscribing and listening to the show. What new listeners may not realize is that I (Jonathan) have been running this podcast, off and on, since 2006. It is possible to find most of the old shows by searching through this blog. There is a handy search bar at the top right of the page. Or, they can be found by looking at Podcast, which is a list of articles using the Podcast tag.

If you look through the blog, then you won’t find three historical (i.e. old) episodes. Two of them I have the audio for on my computer. The third is what I would, now, call a mini-cast and I, sadly, don’t have the audio for the episode from 3/4/08.

Instead of wading through all of the Podcast show notes on this blog there is an easier way to get the old episodes. I have compiled all 57 files into a single zip file. Before you download it please note it contains:

50 Official Full Length Episodes
3 Enhanced Episodes (Same content as their regular episode, but includes enhanced features like hyperlink pictures)
6 (appr.) Mini Episodes (mainly any that is designated 1/2 episode such as Episode 48 1/2)
57 Files
28GB (appr.) of Audio
Almost every episode from the 1st on 8/17/2006 to the 51st on 4/12/11

One other thing to note is that early episodes are not, in my opinion, good. The content is something I remain proud of but the audio quality and my performance are subpar. The show greatly improved in 2010 when my co-host, Tom Barbalet, energized me and joined me in hosting this show.

Listeners can detect changes between 2006 and 2007 (the first break), 2007 and 2008 (the second hiatus), and 2008 and 2010 (the final break). Those gaps, in effect, create different seasons of the show. If you are into Games Workshop, Mongoose Publishing, and electronic gaming then the early episodes will be of particular interest.

Be sure to listen to the episode from 9/3/2006, which features an “interview” with Andy Chambers conducted by former co-host, and Warvault.net founder, Angron.

It is my hope to update the Archive from time to time giving listeners a chance to get a bunch of episodes in a single go.

Hope you enjoy!

CWF Game Cast Archive (Right click, choose Save as or Save Target as).