CWF Game Cast Episode 53: Drew McCarthy and The Gate Stormers

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart interviews his friend and fellow gamer, Drew McCarthy of The Gate Stormers.

The two sat down for a chat, replicating what they often do at Battleground Games & Hobbies. Drew talks about his love for role-playing games (RPGs) such as those for the World of Darkness system along with Dungeons & Dragons. The two discuss finding the right gaming group to play with.

They move on to discussing Warhammer 40k before spending the bulk of the show on The Gate Stormers. The Gate Stormers is a gaming blog and podcast, which Jonathan now co-hosts, focusing on southeastern Massachusetts gaming. It is made unique by its projects such as The Healthy Gamer and The Perfect Gaming Bag.

The conversation ends and the Music to Game By segment is back with Bailey Records’ “Mercurial Beginnings” from Stratos’ album Autumnal Summer.

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