Looking Back on 2013


A tradition we started a year, or so, ago has been to jump onto that bandwagon of reviewing the previous year. We take the time to share some numbers with you, hopefully not too many, so you can see what we did well and where we can improve.

As January 1, 2013 rolled around we talked to you about 2012. It was a very good year for us. Excitement was off the chart when we realized that Wargaming Recon was downloaded over 4,909 times in 2012.

Hang onto that thought for a moment as we reflect on 2013. Before we do I want to remind you that our first podcast episode for 2014, Episode 106, releases on Monday, January 20, 2014. The show topic will be Goals for 2014. There may be some overlap, or inspiration, with/from this blog post. Even so we really think that you’ll enjoy the episode.

The Blog

WordPress.com compiled data for the blog side of things. It focuses on the non-podcast content. Instead of duplicating that information we suggest you read the 2013 Annual Blog Report.

The Podcast

It was a very good year for Wargaming Recon. In fact, the year 2013, was the best year, ever, for the show. Wargaming Recon, by one name or another, has been in existence since 2006. That’s more than 7 years and in that time it has experienced some highs and lows. The biggest high is surely the year 2013.

Episode – # of Listeners

  1. Episode 90: Henry Hyde Editor of Miniature Wargames now with Battlegames – 1,301 listeners
  2. Episode 89: More Secrets of Wargame Design – 1,225 listeners
  3. Episode 93: Interviewing Jonathan Part 1 – 1,223 listeners
  4. Episode 94: Rogue Chess with Peter “Blix” Bryant – 1,033 listeners
  5. Episode 100: 100 Wargaming Tips – 1,023 listeners
  6. Episode 91: Aaron Bostian and How Wargamers Can Give Back – 996 listeners
  7. Episode 95: Wargames Magazines with Jasper Oorthuuys – 994 listeners
  8. Episode 101: Jay Libby and Dilly Green Bean Games – 974 listeners
  9. Episode 92: Building an Affordable Game Table – 970 listeners
  10. Episode 96: Pay What You Want with Ben Gerber – 857 listeners
  11. Episode 97: How to Run a Successful Convention Game with Angelia Parenteau – 850 listeners
  12. Episode 99: Goodbye Donald Featherstone – 819 listeners
  13. Episode 102: An Academic Study of Wargamers with Ian Cross & Aaron Bostian – 772 listeners
  14. Episode 98: Battleground Games & Hobbies – 733 listeners
  15. Episode 85: 5 Goals for 2013 – 633 listeners
  16. Episode 87: TotalCon 27 – 602 listeners
  17. Episode 88: Save the Higgins Armory – 570 listeners
  18. Episode 104: Holiday Gift Guide 2013 – 513 listeners
  19. Episode 86: Angelia – TotalCon’s Promotional Directory – 508 listeners

  20. Episode 105: Wargame Holidays Centre with Jon & Diane Sutherland – 503 listeners
  21. Episode 103: 25hr Game-a-thon for Children’s Hospital – 456 listeners

Breaking it down
In 2013 we released 20 new episodes plus re-released 2 classic episodes not in the above list. The 20 new episodes reached 17,555 cumulative listeners. Compared to 2012 this is an increase of 350%. In other words 3.5 people (consider that an elf, a wizard, a human, and a hobbit) listened to the show this year for every one person that listened last year. Woah!

Here’s something else to blow your mind. The ten most popular episodes of 2013 had more listeners, combined, than all episodes of 2012. Since we geek out on numbers here’s a few other things to absorb.

In 2013

  • 877.75 people listened to each episode on average
  • 15 of the 20 episodes were devoted to guests
  • Aaron Bostian was the most frequent guest with 3 appearances and 1 as guest host
  • Both Ben Gerber and Angelia Parenteau appeared more than once
  • 353 hours were spent by Jonathan on Wargaming Recon. He recorded, edited, scheduled, blogged, e-mailed, and used social media for the show.
  • Wargaming Recon appeared at 2 cons: TotalCon and Havoc
  • It will take you 30 hours to listen to every episode released this year
  • The show can be found through 4 major outlets: iTunes, WargamingRecon.com, Trollitc.com, and WargameVault.com
  • 68.76% of listeners use iTunes or WargamingRecon.com to hear the show
  • 11 of the guests were new this year.
  • 166 people are fans of our Facebook page and 127 people follow us on Twitter.
  • Final Thoughts

    A lot happened in 2013. Jonathan, and his wife, bought their first house. The first, dedicated, podcast studio was created. Wargaming Recon Central, was erected, where Jonathan wargames with friends and listeners. The show received an official press pass to TotalCon.

    Together we, all of us…yes that means you too, raised $385 for the Extra Life 25hr Game-a-thon. A brilliant web designer made the website pretty, accessible, and mobile-friendly. An incredible graphic designer created a special podcast logo and 100th anniversary episode logo. Oh yeah, we aired our 100th episode with content created by the wargaming community.

    Some fans received gifts of Wargaming Recon t-shirts and some even received Christmas cards, for the first time.

    Most importantly some of our dreams came true. The show is reaching more listeners than ever. Listeners, like you, are not passive. You’re interacting with us and communicating with us. Belonging to such a friendly, inspiring, and passionate community is something that we’ve long yearned for. It may get old to hear this but Jonathan’s favorite part of this podcast thing continues to be communicating with each of you.

    Your e-mails, messages, posts, comments, and feedback are more valuable than anything. Nothing beats the feeling of meeting a listener in person and getting to know them. Through the year we’ve gotten to know more and more of you. We cherish these connections and look forward to strengthening them in the year to come.

    In our own small way we hope that what we do here will put a smile on your face, a model on the table, and a con at your disposal as you KEEP ON GAMING!