Self-Publishing Your Game with Gabriel Landowski: Wargaming Recon #174

Gabriel Landowski, author of sci-fi & fantasy novels, Give Me My Damn Bar: United States Army OCS, Miniature Gaming (Fun With Miniature War Gaming Book 1), takes the risk of coming on the show to discuss the process from writing to self-publishing.

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Some time with an Author.

We asked Gabriel how did he start?  Where do the ideas come from? Gabriel also goes into the nitty gritty of self publishing, the editing process and why he works the way he does. If you want some do’s and don’ts – this is for you!

You can follow Gabriel’s work here!

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  • Adam Carriere said of Episode 171: Fort Devens Game Day 2016″I gamed with Peter Lowitt recently.  He mentioned how much he enjoyed the podcast discussing the event.”

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