Jonathan’s TotalCon 2017 Schedule

TotalCon begins February 23, 2017 at the Best Western Royal Plaza hotel in Marlborough, Massachusetts.  This new venue is supposed to feature more guest rooms, more playing space, more parking, and better food options for convention attendees.

2017 will be a banner year for Wargaming Recon at the Total Confusion (TotalCon) convention.  Below you will find my con schedule.  But, other members of the Wargaming Recon family will also be at the con.

Co-host Mike Paine is running:

  • Return of the Hanghai Dragon – 1pm Saturday February 24, 2017

Co-host Adrian Benson is co-GMing:

  • Santa isn’t coming but Hitler is: Bastogne Dec 24, 1944 – 1pm Saturday February 24, 2017 (using Bolt Action rules)
  • Wargaming Recon LIVE Podcast Recording – 7pm Saturday February 24, 2017 (in the TSR Game Room)

If you are coming to TotalCon this year, I’d love to meet you.  Below you can find my public con schedule.  Just look for the tall guy wearing either a black or gray Wargaming Recon t-shirt. If you like us on Facebook you will be able to see a photo of me during the con to make it easier for you to find me.

Friday February 23

1pm Arrival

Being my first time at this hotel I will need to get checked in, peruse the room, pick the better bed (Adrian and I are splitting a room…and I get in before he so I get first dibs! MWAHAHAHAHAHA).  Y’know, all the usual get the lay of the land sort of thing.

5pm Dinner

A fella’s gotta eat.  The hotel boasts a variety of food options in their All-Star Bar & Grill.  Adrian and I are most likely eating dinner together.  If you see us don’t be shy, feel free to come up and say hi!

7-11pm Frostgrave – The Calm Before the Storm!

Michael Johns is running a bunch of Frostgrave events throughout the convention.  I had the pleasure of gaming with him at the Hobby Bunker’s Game Day 2016.  He played in Mike Paine’s Hanghai event.  Michael Johns is exceptionally friendly.  Podcast guest Adam Carriere has been telling me for ages I should try Frostgrave.  Now’s my chance.

11pm Recap the Day

I’ll do a brief recording in the hotel room to cover some of the day’s highlights.  Adrian and I are sure to create what will be an interesting Behind the Scenes for our Patreon backers.  After all we’ll be drinking scotch, eating snacks, and discussing the day’s events.  This recording is unlikely to be family friendly.

Saturday February 24

9am Breakfast

The convention room rate includes a continental breakfast in the hotel’s Zachary’s restaurant.  They also offer a paid full breakfast.  If you’re up, this is a good way to meet other gamers and catch up.  Feel free to have breakfast with me if you’d like (everyone pays their own way).

10:30am And Now a Word from a Gamer documentary filming

Stephen Wollett of Nerd Rage News is filming a documentary about tabletop gaming.  He invited your’s truly to be in the film.  I will discuss my tabletop gaming experiences along with my gaming likes and dislikes.

Some other industry gamers in the documentary are TSR legends Tim Kask & Frank Mentzer and:

  • Mike Pondsmith, founder of R. Talsorian Games
  • Jay Libby, co-owner of Dilly Green Bean Games
  • James Carpio, co-owner of Chapter 13 Press
  • Cody Pondsmith, designer of The Witcher RPG
  • Jeffrey Talanian, game designer for North Wind Adventures
  • Peter Bryant, producer of the TSR Podcast Network

11am-Noon Witcher Panel with Cody Pondsmith

Cody will discuss some of the game design involved in creating the Witcher roleplaying game.  TotalCon’s panels are always interesting.  Little known fact…the panels are FREE for all to attend.  You can get a guest badge and still go to a panel all for FREE.

Noon Lunch

I’m a simple man that likes my meals at certain times.  If you happen to see me please grab a seat.  I love to meet people.  Like breakfast this is pay your own way.

1-5pm Santa isn’t coming but Hitler is: Bastogne Dec 24, 1944 (Bolt Action game)

Adrian and I are running this game.  Technically I’m listed as GM but this is a team effort for sure.  The event is SOLD OUT.  If you really, really, really want to play I suggest you come to the table anyway.  We can fit 6 gamers.  If someone who registered for the game does NOT show up we may be able to fit you in.  We have to wait 5 minutes before we can declare a person a no show.  Then their spot is up for grabs.

5pm Dinner

This is the annual Wargaming Recon listener meetup.  Every year I hold a listener meetup at TotalCon over a meal.  Listeners are encouraged to meet up with me and we will all get a meal together (everyone pays their own way).  This year the meetup will be held at the hotel’s All-Star Bar & Grill restaurant.

If you see me don’t be shy, feel free to come up and say hi!  Please try to connect with me BEFOREHAND so I can be sure everyone is together before going into the restaurant.  Makes it easier on the restaurant staff.

7-8pm Wargaming Recon LIVE Recording

After the listener meetup come to the TSR Game room for the show’s live recording.  Adrian and I will discuss the convention.  This will release as episode 178.  Industry guest Peter Bryant is letting us use his even fancier equipment to record the episode.  Peter’s buddy, and co-host of the Mythwits (on the TSR Podcast Network) Mike Kafes will act as our producer.  It will be nice to just concentrate on having an interesting episode instead of monitoring the technical side of things, too.

8-11pm Open Gaming

Let’s hang out and play some pick up games.  I’ll have a bunch of board games with me.  1775 Rebellion is a perennial favorite.  Be sure to find me and we’ll play some games.

11pm Private Event

I can’t speak about this but please know it has the opportunity to open quite a few doors for Wargaming Recon.

Sunday February 25th

11am Open Gaming

I’ll be around to game for a bit. Got a game you’d like to play? I’m also bringing some board/card games to play. Maybe I’ll pack X-wing minis too

Noon Adios

Homeward bound.