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Wargaming Recon #100: 100 Wargaming Tips

100 Wargaming Tips The year is 2006 and the place is the state of Massachusetts in the United States of America. A young man tentatively speaks these first, tentative words: “Today is Thursday August 17, 2006. This is the first podcast of the CWF Game Discussions blog….now we’re gonna cue… Read More»

Wargaming Recon #99: Goodbye Donald Featherstone

Goodbye Donald Featherstone Donald Featherstone passed away on September 3, 2013. He was a prolific author. Most importantly he is the father of modern wargaming. This episode is dedicated to his memory. Please note that H.G. Wells is erroneously referred to as an American 8 minutes into the recording. We… Read More»

Wargaming Recon #98: Battleground Games & Hobbies

Battleground Games & Hobbies Battleground Games & Hobbies is the successful game store in southeastern Massachusetts. It is a model for all game stores. Guests for this special episode are: Derek Lloyd, owner of Battleground Games & Hobbies Chase Laquidara, manager of Battleground’s Plainville store Drew McCarthy, gamer and long-time… Read More»

Wargaming Recon #96: Pay What You Want with Ben Gerber

Pay What You Want with Ben Gerber Ben Gerber is the owner of the Troll in the Corner, he has published numerous indie games, the host of the Ennie nominated Indie Talks podcast, and is a featured guest of New England game conventions. He is utilizing a pay what you… Read More»