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CWF-2006-09-07 Solo-Cast w/ Tale of X Gamers & Horror Clix

Today we mix things up by discussing Horror Clix and our unique Intra-System Tale of X Gamers. ^Raven^ tells all in today’s cast. Download Podcast Now (Right Click, Save Target As to save to your computer. For high speed listeners) Our RSS Feed (put the URL in your favorite RSS… Read More»

CWF-2006-08-31 Solo-Cast w/ Tomb Kings & Listener Feedback

This is our last Solo-Cast before Angron joins the show, I promise. We are talking about Warhammer Fantasy Tomb Kings and Listener Feedback. We’ve also discontinued the “how many times did he say uh” game due to lack of funniness and participation. If we had a suitable car crash sound… Read More»