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Halo Clix Another POV

Griffon Games offers another point of view on Halo Clix to consider. Basically, they like it for 2 reasons (aside of liking Halo): 1. It’s fast. A game only takes about half an hour if you play with 400 points per side. 2. Your entire collection is your reserve. In… Read More»

40k Tourney @ Griffon Games Sept. 22, 2007

Addendum: Prizes for the tournament are: 1st Place – 1 Battleforce Box of your choice 2nd Place – 1 Squad Box of your choice 3rd Place – 1 Blister of your choice From Griffon Games: If you’re a hard-core 40K player and looking for some competition, then you’ll want to… Read More»

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition GenCon Presentation

A new member who came to us from Griffon Games prompted me to peruse their site. I came across a fun article showing the video of the DnD 4th Edition presentation at GenCon. Its on YouTube but here’s for easier viewing. Enjoy Parts 1-4. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3… Read More»