Listening to the Podcast; Easier than Ever w/ New Plugin

Tonight we installed a plugin that will make listening to the podcast easier than ever. The plugin allows us to directly embed each podcast into the post with its shownotes.

Scroll to the bottom of each post and you’ll see something that says Listen Now. You can use that area to listen to the podcast, it’ll stream to you. There’s also a button to download the podcast to your PC.

This plugin also tells you the exact playing time for the podcast. We have gone through all the podcast entries and implemented this.
We will continue to put the links at the top of the show notes to download the podcast. But, this plugin makes our life easier and we may eventually rely on this.

It saves a lot of time an effort, which means we can put more quality time into the podcast. That will improve the show and also allow us to produce shows more frequently.

If you encounter difficulties please contact ^Raven^. Go to Contact ^Raven^ & Angron to find out how to contact them.