Warvault Joins Acho Hosting

As of today Warvault has moved to Acho Hosting for its web hosting needs.  Why is this news, you ask, because it sounds boring.

The reason, besides giving some major promo to Acho Hosting who is our web host and sponsor for our podcast, is to announce downtime for Warvault.

The move to Acho Hosting will include downtime while the Warvault URL transfers to the new server plus time for DNS to propagate.  I won’t get into the technical side but after the Warvault URL moves it’ll take 24-48 hours for that information to travel around the globe.

During that time you may have trouble accessing Warvault.

What Does This Mean For Us?

It means a lot of things actually.  Without violating customer confidentiality, I can say that Warvault has upgraded to a top of the line hosting plan, for a fraction of the cost.  I am the Sales Department Manager at Acho Hosting and I assisted Warvault Owner, Angron, with the move in conjunction with Nikk Spiert who is the head tech guy at Acho.

Additionally, the top of the line plan affords Warvault a heap of bandwidth, which means even more of you can access the website.  Plus, Warvault gains a lot more space allowing Angron to implement many plans that he couldn’t before due to limitations from the previous host.

Lastly, the move to Acho Hosting provides as near to 100% uptime as we’ve ever seen.  This means that once Warvault is firmly on the Acho Hosting server that no matter what time or where you are you will be able to access Warvault 24 hours a day.