No Podcast for Thursday September, 14, 2006

I’m sorry to tell you that there is no podcast for today. I’ve been sick with a bad cold/asthma situation and just started to get better today. Also, the podcast equipment I told you about in Podcast Equipment – We Can Cast in the Field arrived too! I was playing with it trying to figure out how to work it.

I’m really sorry for the let down. Instead of making a crappy cast I chose to do no cast today. So I don’t leave you completely empty-handed I do have some news and stuff for you.

I hope to have a podcast up this Saturday as a replacement. I’m due to hang out with my pal Steve at Battleground and I’m intending to use the new equipment to do a cast from there.

Also, I have mentioned that I’m a librarian but I haven’t mentioned this wonderful webcomic called Unshelved. It is about libraries but even if you don’t work at or go into libraries you can appreciate it. It spreads to the retail world and gaming too.

Go to 40k Sneak Peeks and you’ll find sneak peek photos of the new Eldar model ranges for Warhammer 40k. Or, if LoTR is your thing then check out LoTR Sneak Peeks for new LoTR models.
Of course, you will find our regularly scheduled podcast on Sunday the 17th.

I hope all of this will somewhat make amends for today’s missing show. Thanks and keep on gaming!