Monthly Archives: October 2006

McDonalds Nintendo Toys

Fast-food chain’s latest kid’s combo promotion includes “free” Mario, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong toys. With Nintendo’s Wii promising to put the “active” back in “interactive entertainment,” it’s only fitting that the publisher’s marketing tie-ins leading up to the console launch should have a similar focus. So for fast-food chain McDonald’s… Read More»

Windows Vista – Free Games!

The expensive games usually get all the attention at CWF Game Cast, but we wanted to take a look at the Windows Vista games that will be responsible for countless hours of wasted productivity through the end of the decade. Windows Vista’s updated DirectX 10 API promises to give us… Read More»

Necron Army List – 2000 pts Coming At You!

Steve finally sucked me into another 40k army.  This is of course the Necrons!  Looking at it now it only seems natural as I play every Undead army for WFB I may as well play the undead army for 40k. 1 lord with orb & veil of darkness = 200pts.… Read More»