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The Pacific Marauders’ Flying Circus!! Games Day LA 2007

Come join us at Games Workshop’s Games Day, Los Angeles on Saturday, August 11th, 2007. We will be hosting The Pacific Marauders’ FLYING CIRCUS – It is an Aerial Combat game, Fantasy Battle Style! It is an all-original, easy to learn, fast paced game of 3 dimensional combat high above… Read More»

July 2007 Newsletter Available

We are proud to announce that the July 2007 issue of the CWF Game Cast Newsletter is now available. All subscribed CWF Game Cast fans have received a copy of the newsletter in their e-mail. To subscribe all you have to do is e-mail (Titled “Subscribe”). Sign-up now and… Read More»

Carcassonne: King & Scouts Expansion

If you’ve ever played Carcassonne you know it to be a strategy game filled with hours of fun, intrigue, and recreation of medieval Europe. The base game is great and even includes the Rivers expansion, which makes your endeavor to build large cities, create the longest road, and own the… Read More»

Have: New Blood Angels Want: Paint Them Like I Got a Pair

Before I get into this article I have to apologize for the title.  It is funny to a small group of people because it draws inspiration from the Have/Want threads on Bartertown and the end references the heavily used phrase from Privateer Press. GW has released the new Blood Angels… Read More»

Server Reboot TONIGHT 1AM EST

This is a re-post of an announcement made on the official CWF Server blog.  Be sure to read the CWF Server blog for all official announcements regarding the server.  We post scheduled downtimes, upgrades, alterations, and etc on there.  It is a great resource. Tonight at 1am EST the server… Read More»