Printing Easier Than Ever With Printer Friendly Articles

Don’t you hate going to a website, finding something you like, and then trying to print it without all that extra stuff? Or, when it prints parts of the website out on tons of pages of paper?

Websites have created printer friendly versions that print much easier. Now, the CWF Game Cast has done the same.

We are using a great plugin that helps you to print articles from this blog and bring them with you when you game.

At the bottom of each article, right under the ratings, is a printer icon and the words “Print this article” Click that and you will get a printer friendly version of the article. For example here is a printer friendly version of our War @ Sea: 8/15/07 100pt Tourney @ Battleground Games article. Compare that to the regular, printer unfriendly, War @ Sea: 8/15/07 100pt Tourney @ Battleground Games article.

Once you have your printer friendly version you can either print as normal (File>Print, Ctrl+P, Apple+P, etc) or you can scroll to the bottom of the printer friendly page and click the “Click here to print” text. Moments later the article arrives out of your printer.

For the interested parties the articles will print all graphics/pictures, comments, and links. To save on ink please set your printer to print in black & white. We can alter the settings on our end and if the demand is high we will alter them. We can toggle the setting for printing graphics, comments, and links separately.

Hope you enjoy this new feature and happy printing!