GW Army Release Dates

This was originally a page on this blog. We have since re-evaluated it and determined it works better as an article.  This has the added benefit of allowing us to tag it so you can find this more easily.  If you originally linked people to GW Army Release Dates please link them to this article instead.

This is a republishing of content that was made available here back in 2006. The information comes to us from Warseer.

We have taken the liberty to cross off projects that have been released. We have also amended the release date where available. If we have missed anything or don’t have the correct release dates please let us know. You can use our Contact Us form to submit that information. You can also use that form to send us new information on release dates.

All release dates below are unofficially official. The actual date of release may differ but all titles in this list are scheduled for release.

WFB 7th Ed (Sep 06)
WFB O&G (Sep/Oct 06)
W40k Eldar (Nov/Dec 06)
WFB Empire (Mar 07)

W40k DA (May/Jun 07)
WFB Campaign
W40k Orks (Aug 07)
WFB Campaign (Nagash – new minis for some races – inc CD Character (could be the 2 handed axe mini that was actually seen by one of my sources?))
LotR (as yet un-named) (Sep 07) Harad?
WFB VC (Oct/Nov 07) March 08
W40k CSM (Dec 07/Jan 08)
WFB HE (Mar 08)
W40k Dark Eldar (Q3 08) or could be Blood Angels
WFB Skaven (Q4 08) (could change places with DE)
W40k Space Wolves (Q1 09)
LotR (allegedly “the Hobbit”??)
WFB DE (Q2 09)
W40k ?/CSM (maybe chapter specific)
W40k Campaign
WFB Chaos Dwarfs (Q3 09)
W40k ?/CSM (maybe chapter specific)