War at Sea Set 2: Task Force Updated Confirmed Releases and Box Art

Raven\'s Avatar Several months have passed and we now have an updated list of confirmed releases for War at Sea’s Set 2: Task Force. The releases are confirmed by WotC game designer for WAS Richard Baker and have been posted at Axis & Allies foruMINI. All rounds of applause belong to foruMini because they have done the hard work getting the releases and having them confirmed.

In addition to the list, which is below, we have confirmed box art courtesy of the official Avalon Hill message board over at Gleemax, bleh to Gleemax, and Amazon.com. Amazon, plus Target, both show War at Sea Task Force online with price information. Both Amazon and Target say the MSRP is $14.99 but they are selling boosters for $10.49. Additionally, both retailers list the release date as July 29th but as far as we’ve been told the correct release date is still July 25, 2008. We feel comfortable in saying that War at Sea’s Set 2 is coming out the last two weeks of July this year.

Without further adieu we hereby present the confirmed release list (all comments in the list are the words of Diamondback from foruMINI) for War at Sea Task Force, the second set, as of the date of this article.

War at Sea Set 2 Box

Set II



UK Units

->R HMS Kent (reprint of Canberra, will have higher Armor value)

->R HMS Warspite (new BB sculpt)

->U HMS Fencer (St. Lo reprint, proxy Bogue-class)

->U Handley Page Halifax VP

Canadian Units

->C HMCS Haida (G63) (new DD sculpt)

Australian Units

->C HMAS Arunta (Haida sculpt)


->R CB Dunkerque (new)

->C unknown sub (new)


->R USS San Francisco (new CA sculpt)

->R Iowa sister ship (most likely Missouri)

->C F6F Hellcat (we can only assume it’s a new sculpt)

->R USS Yorktown (New Essex-class sculpt or Enterprise reprint?)


->R De Ruyter (new CL sculpt)


->R Tirpitz (Bismarck reprint) will have torpedoes, range 5 and AA 9

->R Graf Zeppelin (new CV sculpt, will permit Ju-87’s to ignore their Land-Based trait)

->C Me-109T (new sculpt, or will they just use the Spitfire?, hehehe)

->R German Hipper-class (new CA sculpt)

??C (PERSONAL SPECULATION) Probably a Galster restatted as a Type ’34/’34A (what I’d do if I were RB for a new German destroyer, they all look almost indistinguishable except to experts)


->R Italian cruiser Zara (new CA sculpt)

->U SM.79 Italian Level Bomber (new sculpt)

->C Macchi MC202 Folgore


->C Akizuki-class (new DD sculpt)

->R Kongo sister ship (reprint)

->R Yamashiro (new sculpt)

KNOWN: 23/60

New Known: 15/30

RP Known: 6/30

Unknown: 1

By Rarity:

R 12/24

U 04/12

C 07/24

Also, night-fighting and Kamikaze rules in set II.

2 Comments on “War at Sea Set 2: Task Force Updated Confirmed Releases and Box Art”

  1. enabrantain

    Don’t be too anxious to give the Forumni credit for the list. People like me got the info like what french units would be in the set II. Mostly what the forumni members do is harrass people on the real message boards while they try to get people to use their’s.

  2. ^Raven^ Post author

    Forumini is where I found the information and they took responsibility for collating and sharing the information. I do my best to give credit where credit is due and your comment is a great help.

    If you give me your nick or the URL of the thread from the official boards I’ll gladly link to that and give credit to it in the article. I greatly appreciate your helping me to maintain accuracy on the sources of information.

    Also, since you’re one of the people who nailed down information first hand would you care to comment on the accuracy of the list shown here and how we can update it to be more accurate?

    I’ve been told by the owner of my FLGS that Task Force, despite what Amazon and Target say, is coming out July 25th not the 29th. The FLGS will actually have it in stock the day before. I’m eager to get my case of boosters and may tend to the 30 minute ride to pick them up.

    Once again thank you for your participation and your comment. I appreciate the feedback.