Monsterpocalypse Arrives in Dedham: Lots of Pictures

Monsterpocalypse was a big hit at GenCon Indy 2008 and rightly so.  Great looking models, solid rules, and great support from a classy gaming company.  The game doesn’t officially release until later this year but who can wait until the Autumn?  Not I and to that end I now have real, live (well not alive), models and stuff for the game.

The products arrived yesterday and I documented the unveiling with many flashes of digital camera.  More are en route including the limited edition GenCon Indy 2008 only sculpts of two monsters plus more units and even more monsters.  For now, I have a solid base with 1 starter, 1 unit booster, and half a dozen monster boosters.

Enjoy the pictures below.  Remember to click them for a larger pic.