Plugin Update: Woopra 1.3 Installed

The CWF Game Cast has completed the installation of a great new feature called Woopra.  Many of you may already be familiar with this incredible analytical tool for blogs, websites, and online forums but this is relatively new to me.

I’ve been using Stats Plugin but it only provides basic information and requires a login.  Not everyone has that and while free not everyone wants one of those.  Woopra is a great and easy to use plugin.  A friend of mine, Shane, who runs Bugssite, tons of great blog posts on Washington D.C., computer games, and movies, is a member of the Woopra team.  He alerted me to the benefits of Woopra, encouraged me to join (FREE), urged on my website activations (in less than 12 hours), and helped me with the install and plugin activation.  He even blogged about the new version, which we’re using, at Woopra 1.3 Plugin Released, News.

His help speeded everything up and I’m incredibly grateful of his assistance.  Kickin’ support Shane!  Even if you don’t have a Shane of your own Woopra is so easy a snotling could do it.  I highly recommend Woopra for all your online needs.  It is FREE and adaptable so there’s no excuse for not using this superb tool.

That said Woopra will be a huge benefit for us.  It allows for live tracking, via an applet you download onto your computer (yes it runs on Mac OS X too), and it has detailed stats in both the applet and the plugin.

I simply cannot say enough positive things about Woopra.  So, please read Woopra Plugin 1.3 at the official Woopra blog.  Of course, be sure to download Woopra and tell your friends where you head about it…right here at the CWF Game Cast.