War at Sea: Condition Zebra First Pulls

I’ve been anxiously waiting for my case of Condition Zebra to arrive and couldn’t stand waiting any longer. Today I gave up the wait, drove to Battleground Games in Abington, and purchased two boosters.

This gives me a start on the scanning project and marginally sates my appetite for shiny new War at Sea minis. My two boosters were hand-picked by star store employee Chase, happy birthday by the way, which yielded amazing pulls.

My first booster was torn apart to reveal:
11/40 HMS Cossack
24/40 Fi 167
30/40 Leonardo Da Vinci
32/40 Z. 506B Airone
34/40 Chikuma

The second booster provided:
4/40 Lamotte-Piquet
10/40 Witte de With
16/40 USMC F4U-IA Corsair
19/40 USS Lexington (CV2)
37/40 Matsu

Each booster overwhelmingly favored different sides. Between the two I have a start of five Axis and five Allies units. I am very happy with my pulls. The USS Lexington helps to found out my USN carrier fleet while I have nice additions to my Axis air fleet and a strong replacement for the Ambra.

The Chikuma isn’t a terrible pull, but it isn’t from my top ten list. Wednesday is gaming night and these new units give me a chance to integrate the new set with my existing collection. I know it will provide interesting results.

Please visit again for my WAS Condition Zebra 600dpi stat card scans.

This was posted on my iPad.