War at Sea: Condition Zebra Stat Card Gallery Update

War at Sea: Condition Zebra was released about a week ago and I didn’t even notice. I recently got married and completely forgot about CZ’s release.

Don’t worry, because a case of Condition Zebra is on the way into my grubby mitts. As soon as it arrives I will immediately begin scanning all of the stat cards. The scans will be uploaded in batches for your viewing pleasure.

There is one potential change to the scanning project. Usually I purchase four or more cases of each set. I have decided to limit myself to a single case of CZ. As such it may take me some time to obtain some units and their stat cards.

All scans will continue to be high resolution 600dpi color scans. As with all the scans the Condition Zebra ones will fall under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share alike 3.0 Unported license (as is everything on this blog). You must adhere to that license in order to use the scans.

Please enjoy the scans I do share while I hunt down any vagrant units.