War at Sea: Spotlight on Danaussie’s Custom Model Painting

War at Sea is a wonderful CMG (collectible miniatures game) but many people overlook the hobby side of the game.  The models are nicely sculpted and painted but they are not always historically accurate.  There is a growing number of gamers who collect the models to do more than just play the game.  They customize the models by converting and/or painting them.

Axis & Allies ForuMINI member Danaussie is one of those individuals.  He recently wowed me when he posted several pictures of his newly custom painted USS Baltimore.  After seeing those pics I knew I needed more.  Dan, a resident of beautiful Canberra in the Land Down Under, has kindly agreed to give me permission to share his pictures with all of you.  I have a small sample of his work to share and will hopefully have more available in the future.

Before we get to his spectacular artwork we have one other thing to share.  Not only is Dan an accomplished artist but he took the time to compile a painting tutorial as a PDF document.  If you like how Dan paints and want to learn his techniques please read his tutorial.  It is very nicely done.  Also please see his other works at Danaussie’s WAS Custom Painted Gallery (you can browse the folders by nation).

Please click the pictures for a larger version.