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Saturday Historical Gaming

In an attempt to try something new I set up an informal historical gaming gathering at Battleground Games Plainville for today. A few people popped in but sadly most were unable to attend. There is a small number of people interested in historical gaming. Most had other commitments such as… Read More»

War at Sea: Spotlight on Danaussie’s Custom Model Painting

War at Sea is a wonderful CMG (collectible miniatures game) but many people overlook the hobby side of the game.  The models are nicely sculpted and painted but they are not always historically accurate.  There is a growing number of gamers who collect the models to do more than just… Read More»

War at Sea: 2010 Starter Stat Card Gallery

This is the complete 2010 Starter Picture Gallery. It shows all cards personally scanned in by me at 600dpi per card.  Please note all our stat card scans (including these) are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share alike 3.0 Unported license (as is everything on this blog).  You must adhere… Read More»