War at Sea: Condition Zebra Case 1 Pulls

My case of War at Sea: Condition Zebra has arrived courtesy of the Miniature Market. I am happy to announce that I received no duplicate rares in the case. Including the units pulled from the boosters purchased at Battleground Games in Abington my collection is now:

1 HMCS Uganda
1 Bearn
3 D.520
3 Lamotte-Picquet
1 Provence
2 V-156F Vindicator
1 Giorgios Averof
2 Proteus
3 Vasilissa Olga
3 Witte de With
3 HMS Cossack
1 HMS Royal Oak
1 HMS Victorious
2 Sunderland Mk. I
1 B-24D Liberator
3 USMC F4U-1A Corsair
2 USS Allen M. Sumner (DD 692)
1 USS Houston (CA 30)
1 USS Lexington (CV 2)
3 USS S-37 (SS 132)
0 USS West Virginia (BB 48)
1 Arkhangelsk
1 Vainamoinen
4 Fi 167
1 Gneisenau
1 Nurnberg
2 Z32
2 Ascari
0 Caio Duilio
3 Leonardo da Vinci
0 Trento
3 Z.506B Airone
2 Agano
2 Chikuma
1 Fuso
1 Junyo
3 Matsu
2 Murasame
2 N1K1-J “George”
1 Suzuya

For those who are keeping track, this means I am 1) only missing 3 rares (they are en route) and 2) the problems I had with missing units has since been rectified through local resources.

Now, the really good news for everyone is that I am now digitizing the stat cards. Only missing three units is a pleasant change for me. When Flank Speed released I purchased 3.5 cases and was still missing several units. Being able to purchase a single case and a few boosters yielding all but three units is simply amazing!

The digitization project will commence immediately. I will post scans as they are available with a goal of posting entire nations at a time. Like before I will be spreading out the scans. To answer your questions, yes this is to make you come back often looking for scans and yes it may be dastardly but this does work.

Lastly, please note that usage of the scans must comply to the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share alike 3.0 Unported license (as is everything on this blog). This is also mentioned in the readme file included with the zipped scans. The basics of the license is that you cannot use the scans for commercial reasons, you must state that I scanned them, you must provide a link to the scans (either www.wargamingforums.com or the individual scan), and you must share the scans under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share alike 3.0 Unported license so people have equal access and will know about the lengthy effort I put into this digitization project.

This was posted on my iPad.