No Game Night Tonight = Thanks Digital Dads & C.C. Chapman

Wednesday nights are game nights. I play World of Warcraft CCG (we raid), War at Sea, or Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition. Tonight’s game night is being canceled, which is a shame because I would be playing with WAS: Condition Zebra for the first time.

As with most things there is a silver lining. I won two Tapis Rouge (aka red carpet or VIP) tickets to the sneak preview of Cirque du Soleil’s OVO on the new Boston waterfront. I won these in a contest at Digital Dads, which is run by C.C. Chapman (yes, THAT C.C. Chapman). My father and I will be having a night on the town. Hopefully I will have some pictures to share (none allowed during the performance).

Many thanks to Digital Dads and C.C. Chapman for this tremendous opportunity.

We return you to our regularly scheduled broadcasting.

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1 Comment on “No Game Night Tonight = Thanks Digital Dads & C.C. Chapman”

  1. ^Raven^ Post author

    Words cannot describe how amazingly good OVO was tonight. I am very thankful to @InfinitiNews, @DigitalDads, and @CC_Chapman for the tickets. Experiencing this in the Tapis Rouge is amazing. I got to hang out with Mayor Menino, Bob Kraft (Patriots owner), and several Red Sox owners.

    The food, provided courtesy of the Seaport Hotel, was amazing. We were treated like kings and the performance was outstanding. This is definitely worth missing a game night for…even if you do the $40 seats instead of the $255 ones I was lucky enough to have.