FREE Paper Terrain

Do you ever wish you could have some nice looking buildings and terrain but don’t have the skill to scratchbuild nor the money for the fancy (but expensive) pre-made pieces? Paper terrain is the answer to your prayers. It can be printed on any printer, on any paper (heavier paper like 125lb is best), and won’t cost you any money to get.

There’s a lot of resources on the net. But, we’ve found some great ones to share with you.

  • Our Combat Storm posts have great paper terrain and videos on how to assemble them. These work great with the Combat Storm rules engineered for playing with plastic army men.

GHQ has a bunch of paper terrain options including a tutorial. No videos are available and all links are to PDFs. These work best for WWII games such as Flames of War.

Mordheim Paper Terrain (for Games Workshop’s game Mordheim, you can get the rules for FREE)

WorldWorksGames produces a variety of terrain including modular paper terrain named TerrainLinX. Some of it you need to purchase but they have free samples.

DakkaDakka has a great thread on paper terrain. A member made a bunch that works for Napoleonic wargaming, WWI, and WWII. The member has their own website where you can access more paper terrain.

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