Monthly Archives: August 2010

CWF GameCast Visits BG Plainville

Today I had the opportunity to visit Battleground Games & Hobbies new location in Plainville. I drove down there and Derek Lloyd, owner, gave me an advanced tour of the new store. I spent about an hour speaking with Derek and managed to take a bunch of pictures. Before we… Read More»

Hermes Goes Live

Hermes is now alive. Hermes is the new project from the CWF GameCast, which allows you to more easily communicate with us and allows us to more easily update you with announcements, works in progress, and highlights. Hermes uses the P2 theme created by Automattic, the makers of WordPress, and… Read More»

War at Sea: Recosting Units

Any game that issues new product suffers from power creep. This is inevitable and many heated debates permeate the gaming world on how to deal with this. War at Sea has a large bullseye for its failure to properly deal with power creep. Many units from out of print sets… Read More»

Battleground Games Carpets Plainville

Battleground Games & Hobbies has carpeted Plainville…literally. New photos released on their Facebook group show the installation of a grey carpet.