Battleground Games Plainville Grand Opening October 16, 2010

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Battleground Games & Hobbies is proud to announce the Grand Opening of its Plainville location on Saturday, October 16, 2010 starting at 10am. Head to 25 Taunton Street in Plainville for the festivities.

In celebration there will be lots of fun and prizes. Demos of 40k, Fantasy, and Warmachine/Hordes will run all day long. There will be several tables available for open gaming. Demos of such fantastic games like Castle Ravenloft and Dominion (exact games to be determined) will entice board gamers. A scaled down Magic tournament is being held (each participant gets free booster packs).

Giveaways are ticked based. Every person who walks through the door will receive 1 ticket. You earn 1 ticket for every event you take part in. You can earn more tickets for spending money.

The prizes are divided into categories. A top-tier prize is a Magic booster box or a 40k/Fantasy army box or starter set. A lower tier prize would be a GW box up to X dollars in value. The bottom tier consists of paint and brushes, for example. BG Employee Sam said “there is no loser prize.”

All of the fun starts at 10am and ends when the store closes (probably midnight). Please call the store at 508-316-1195 with questions.

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