Sponsor 12-7-Games Temporarily Closes, Reopening April 1st (It is no joke)

Our Sponsor, 12-7-Games.com, recently announced that they are temporarily closing shop. Bill Dettmers, owner and CEO of 12-7-Games, has long expressed unhappiness with the Vendio platform for a web store. He’s had techmarines hard at work crafting a new e-commerce platform. In order to implement the new platform he has closed shop with April 1st, 2011 as the grand re-opening.

In an e-mail Bill said:

It came to my attention that I failed to contact you, my customers, of our temporary closing. I left messages on the various forums, but with everything going on I forgot to email you of our status. We will reopen on 1 April. We are switching to a new e-commerce platform which will give us more options to service your needs.

I want to thank you very much for your business and ask that you take a look at us on 1 April. When we reopen we will offer a 5% discount off all items in our store for 1 week.

Thanks again for your business and please come back to take a look on 1 April.


You will continue to see links to 12-7-Games on this blog and references to them on our podcast. We hope you will continue to support them when they re-open so they can continue to support the work we do on this blog and on our podcast.