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12-7-Games.com Renews Sponsorship of Wargaming Recon

With pleasure I can announce that 12-7-Games.com has agreed to renew its sponsorship of Wargaming Recon for another year. Their support is invaluable to our mission of sharing historical and New England gaming with you through our podcast. If you are looking for the best online vendor for the cheapest… Read More»

War at Sea Contest Ended

1 Monty and the Fox’s Wargaming Show t-shirt (being designed by Tom’s wife, not yet completed) 1 War at Sea booster (sponsored by 12-7-Games.com) 1 Set of 4 Litko Aerosystems Small Smoke Markers 1 TotalCon 25 t-shirt (courtesy of TotalCon) 1 The World of Aruneus – Contagion Infected Zombies PDF… Read More»

War at Sea Contest

Please read the bottom of this article to find out who won! Episode 47 of our podcast featured Bill Dettmers, CEO of our sponsor 12-7-Games.com, and I discussing War at Sea. During the interview Bill expressed his desire to help younger gamers obtain the expensive and out of print units… Read More»

12-7-Games Reverse War at Sea Auction

12-7-Games, proud sponsor of the CWF Game Cast, is running a brilliant reverse auction for ForuMINI members. You can find the full rules at Axis & Allies ForuMINI :: 12-7-Games Reverse Auction-W@S Base Set & Task Force. But, here are the basics. All singles (rares starting no less than $7… Read More»