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Great Wargamer Destinations – Wargaming Recon #117

Yorktown battlefield sign

Great Wargamer Destinations Summer is a time to relax and go on vacation. Why not also gather some inspiration for wargaming to boot? Jonathan shares a few of his favorite wargamer destinations. If we didn’t cover one of your’s, then please share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, or via… Read More»

Wargaming Recon #111: How Jonathan Became a Wargamer

How Jonathan Became a Wargamer Listener Andrew submitted a question on Facebook asking how Jonathan got into wargaming. In this episode Jonathan answers. The tale begins with Warhammer 40k, touches down at War at Sea, then finishes with Henry Hyde and historical wargaming. Stone Ape Podcast #19: New England Gaming… Read More»

Wargaming Recon #105: Wargame Holidays Centre with Jon & Diane Sutherland

Wargame Holidays Centre with Jon & Diane Sutherland Two of the nicest people in wargaming make guest appearances for the first time on this show. The amazing Jon, and his incredible wife Diane, Sutherland share their love of wargaming. Jon shares why his book Mega Wargames is a must buy,… Read More»

Wargaming Recon #90: Henry Hyde Editor of Miniature Wargames now with Battlegames

Henry Hyde Editor of Miniature Wargames now with Battlegames.

Henry Hyde reveals lots of amazing news to the Wargaming Recon audience before anyone else! Editor Henry Hyde is back to discuss the upcoming release to his book, the Wargaming Compendium, and his role as the newest editor of Miniature… Read More»

Wargaming Recon Episode 72: HUZZAH 2012

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart begins the show with a monologue on the responsibility podcasters have to their listeners (inspired by the latest installment of his column at TrollITC, read How Kevin Smith Rekindled My Podcasting Flame). The show discusses Huzzah Convention 2012 held in Portland, Maine. Jonathan discusses all things… Read More»