Wargaming Recon Episode 71: Let’s Play in a Campaign

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart begins the show apologizing for background noise from the fans needed to cool down on a very hot day. The show includes an overview of Havoc 2012, updates the situation with Battlegames Magazine’s digital “subscription”, discusses the Crisis Point Cold War Commander, examines the Seaward March 1 Day campaign, and various other updates.

Jonathan announces a new development with how Battlegames magazine’s digital “subscriptions” are handled. The fog of war is parted on the Havoc 2012 convention.

The mailbag results in an update on the Crisis Point Cold War Commander event run by Richard C.

Jonathan shares an after action report for the Seaward March 1 Day ACW campaign.

The show concludes with the song “The Last Pirate” by Matthew Ebel from his new album The Lives of Dexter Peterson

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