Aurelian Review: Wargaming Recon #188

Adrian and Jonathan take some time to go through a new ruleset by Sam Mustafa. We all know that doing a review and playing a game is really an excuse to play a game, but the lads have some great insights in this Roman Wargame

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Aurelian – What in the Romulus is it?

Aurelian is a tabletop game about the Crisis of the Third Century. Players take the role of factions – both civilized and barbarian – contending for control of the fragmenting Roman Empire. Designed by Sam Mustafa as part of his Honour series of wargames.

Where Can I Get it?

For a cracking $29 USD price, you, yes you there painting the mini, can purchase a PDF file of the ruleset. The Rules include print & play action cards & armies (unit tiles). You can purchase the cards separately via WargameVault for $18-20 per deck.

Gameplay And the Feels!

Adrian takes the reigns to go through in depth about the functionality of the rules. This is from actual gameplay. The lads discuss errors made from their understanding of the rules, things the loved, things they didn’t love and also the role terrain plays in the whole battle! Hint – no magic trees.


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  • Listener Julie said of Ep187 Huzzah 2017 “Great podcast Jonathan, Mike and Joshua! You really pin pointed some stuff that will help us grow the club and Huzzah! and the hobby! Thank you!!!!”


  • Listener Mike said of the same episode “You are like the canvas that the others can create on! Without your rock solid foundation it becomes difficult to focus. I know having been a guest on your show it makes all the difference in the world!”



5 star review titled “Top Notch” from landencelano of the Grunt Work Podcast “Really impressed with the quality of the content and how enjoyable it was even being semi-unfamiliar with the topic. Unique perspective. Can’t wait to consume all there is to listen to. ”


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