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Side Quest 002 Goblins in the Streets Review 82%

This review is a follow up of our Sneak Peek Side Quest 2 Goblins in the Streets article. You can also hear my first impressions “review” in Episode 46 of our podcast. Side Quest 002: Goblins in the Streets is the second D&D 4th edition adventure from Imperium Star Games… Read More»

TotalCon 25 Releases Events Listing

TotalCon has released the events listing for TotalCon 25. You can find the complete list of events, by game type (RPG, Board Game, Minis, CCGs, Workshops, etc) on their website. Below you will find the highlights. If you weren’t planning on going to TotalCon 25 before, then hopefully these events… Read More»

TotalCon 25 Puffing Billy Board Game Tournament

TotalCon has released the categories for their Puffing Billy tournament. As you can see from the categories, Puffing Billy is a train-themed board game tournament. Trains are very popular and train-themed board games have a large following. Be sure to get plugged into the Puffing Billy tournament at TotalCon 25!… Read More»

Sneak Peek Side Quest 2 Goblins in the Streets

Imperium Star Games is following up their initial hit, Temple of Stone, with Side Quest 002 Goblins in the Streets, which releases on 1/11/11 (tomorrow) from for just $2.50. Goblins is their second D&D 4e adventure from their Side Quest line. It does officially release TODAY but Adam McLaughlin,… Read More»